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Qua Ti SI

Cree Blood
Lead vocalist, Acoustic guitar, Drummer
Nashville, TN


Presently performing with her own band, and has performed with numerous artist in the area, such as;
Billy Dean, Clinton Gregory, Melba Montgomery and Storm Seymour.

Radio and TV credits,
Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina, plus numerous European radio stations.
Awards for Vocals, and Performances
Published Writer.

I am very proud of my life and all the talents grandfather has given to me. I love my parents and my family so very much. They have given me the most precious gift in the world "life and love". My home was filled with music while growing up. My daddy has crossed over in the winter of 1998, but his loving spirit guides me every day of my life.

I have a lot of hobbies, but my favorite is working flower gardens. I love woods and "The Long Blue Man", as my husband's culture calls the river. I am a country girl by heart, but I love to go to the big city and shop!!!!!!!!!!!!! till I drop.

I was born in the fall of the year, and I love the changing seasons. Christmas is my favorite time. My favorite color is green.

I am so proud to be apart of Spirits of the Wind Band, they all have gentle hearts and are very talented. I would like to thank our Fan Club from Kentucky, for their support and love for all of us.



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Mother Earth

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